Traffic On Clint Moore Road has become a major problem for all of us since the THE BRIDGES and DELRAY MARKETPLACE.  

PBC Commissioners have already taken the THOMAS FARM out of the AG Reserve allowing much denser commercial and residential development.   

All this will add even more traffic to the western part of Clint Moore Road.

Now there is a proposal for a  a 235 bed Assisted Living Facility

The daycare will cause a large back up of traffic during drop off and pick up (rush hour events).

The assisted living facility will bring employees and their boyfriends/girlfriends to pick up and drop off the many healthcare and support employees. 

These employees usally work day, evening and night shifts.  Brining more traffic at into our neighborhood at 11:00 PM  at NIGHT

Along with this, there will be:

  1. laundry trucks
  2. food supply trucks
  3. medical supply trucks
  4. Garbage Trucks banging Dumpsters fisrt thin in the morning
  5. AMBULANCES to/from  the area all hours, DAY & NIGHT
  6. Visitors